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Day 8 | Live December 27th - 30th
Lauren and Michael McAfee
Promoting Bible Literacy in Teens
It’s no doubt that many Christians don’t read their Bible very often and lack understanding of it. Lauren and Michael are on a mission to change that. The “Museum of the Bible” ministry is inspiring young people to get engaged in the Bible in a new way. Their passion and extensive knowledge are on full display as they offer insightful and challenging advice to parents on what it means to raise students in the Word of God.

Helen Lee
Missional Parenting: Serving The Missions Field Right In Your Own Home
Parents often want what’s best for their kids, but don’t always know how to go about doing that. As a mother, author, and career woman, Helen has learned to make time for the important things and invest in her children to build them up into a life of real success. Making note of the many challenges before us in our role as parents, Helen offers valuable advice and insight into the mission God has called us to within our families.

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Jim and Lynn Jackson
A New Way of Discipline
Disciplining children is a hard thing to embrace, but Jim and Lynn give four key messages to help parents navigate the world of discipline. They share stories of how parents’ good intentions can often turn into a message of the opposite when discipline is carried out improperly. They also help parents think about what messages they want to communicate to their children and how their four objectives can lead these tough conversations.

Daniel Hyun
Creating a Multiculturally Wise Community
Today’s world has its attention on the value of multiculturalism. So what is it, and how do we navigate this conversation well within our own families? As a pastor and church planter, Dan has sound advice for raising communities that are multicultural savvy and equipped to talk about some of the key issues that face our churches and families today. He sees this cultural moment as an opportunity to show the world the uniting power of Christ and the relevance of the Gospel in redeeming relationships. Eager to give the world what they are desperately searching for, Dan calls on families to raise up a generation that is capable of thriving in 21st century America.

Trillia Newbell
Building A Diverse Community In The Home
In an engaging and uplifting conversation, Trillia shares insight on developing a love for the diversity that God has created in our world. Exploring everything from our nature as bearers of God’s image, to bringing various cultures into our home, this interview gives you the foundation to start having these important conversation with your teens. How do you love your neighbor when your neighbor seems so very different from you?
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